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Bands and musicians I have worked with:

A N I M A – Vocal Recording, Live Mixing

Momo’s Marrow – Vocal Producing with Natalie Jean Marain

Colibri Soul & Funk Band – Recording on location

Sabina Zapior – Vocal Recording, Mixdown, Mastering

SheryM – Vocal Recording

Triëdere – Live mixing, Live Recording, Edit, Mixdown

Anne Eck – Vocal Producing with Natalie Jean Marain

The Groove Club  – Recording on location

Prince Zeka – Live Mixing, Live Recording, Mixdown

Walter Gehr – Recording on Location, Mixdown, Master, Live Mixing

Corcovado Salsa Club – Recording

Bestlovers – Live Mixing

Cover Killers – Live Mixing

Klangblut – Live Mixing

Christ Church Jazz Band – Live Mixing, Live Recording

Sonja Sagan – Recording, Mixdown

Marion Kunst – Recording, Mixdown

Männer Ohne Werk – Recording, Mixdown

Davidovici – Recording

Zaraza Trio Recording

Marionetta – Producing, Recording, Mixdown

Divided Black – Vocal Recording, Mixdown

Naser Abbasi Mamnoon – Vocal Recording

Matatu & M.O.R.E – Vocal & Brass Recording

Live Mixing:
Musik am Fluß
So Confused
Manfred Altmann
Flickentanz Duo
Swantje Lampert
Waves Vienna im Loft
Passion Artists Don Giovanni
PT Art Orchestra
Cirque Rouge
I hear you Benefiz Festival
BOS – Bühne ohne Sühne
Marc Boessner
Knut Beitel
Thomas Leeb
Rondo Vienna
Dubcake Factory
Chilenen Pepperl

Bobal Sound Studio
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