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studio recording rates

My Song Package

Your voice on a song of your choice

Eur 75

vocal recordings to a playback, including edits, cut, corrections, mixdown and master, up to two hours studio time

hourly rates

short recordings or mixdowns

Eur 50 / hour

ideal for voice over recording, podcast, edits, quick demos, simple mixdowns or mastering

half day rate

short projects

Eur 170 / half day

Ein Halbtag = 4 Stunden. Perfekt für Vocal- oder Instrumentalaufnahmen für einen Song. Du musst die Stunden nicht am Stück buchen

daily rate

bigger projects

Eur 280 / day

A day is 8 hours studio time. Perfect for recording instruments and vocals for more songs. You can spread out the hours over several days

Band Package

recording one song with your band

Eur 750

drums or percussion, bass, up to 2 guitars, keys, and vocals recorded overdub, editing,
mixdown & master

EP Package

band recording for up to 5 songs

Eur 1800

recording all instruments & vocals by overdubbing, mixdown & master. Optional: book a preproduction for extra 300 Eur

mobile recording rates

recording in your own space (eg rehearsal room) from 300 Eur per day, including all the equipment and travel expense inside Vienna

including basic editing, no mixdown

mixdown costs between 50 and 100 Eur per song, depending on complexity of the project

rates for livesoundengineering (FOH)

Starting from 150 Eur per gig, inclunging travel expenses inside Vienna, without any extra gear

This is the equpment I own and can hire out or bring with me on your gig:

1 pair Mackie Thump 12 active PA speakers (500W RMS)

1 LD Systems 15″ Sub + 2 x Top

1 the box floor monitor

Mackie DL1608 digital mixer

Yamaha and Behringer small analog mixers

Vocal mics Neumann, Shure, Lewitt, Audio Technica, Sennheiser wireless, Mipro wireless, LD Systems wireless

Instrument mics Sennheiser, AKG, Shure, Audio Technica

microphone stands and cables

please send me your request so I can make an offer

Bobal Sound Studio
Heidi Bobal, Vösendorferstrasse 41, 1230 Wien    0664 4363742