Sometimes all it takes is someone who believes in you

A woman to woman recordingstudio

Welcome to my new recording studio

Revel in the quiet and comfortable atmosphere, expand and express yourself. Relax in the garden during brakes. Celebrate the end of a recording day with a fire in the fire bowl.

For 15 years I was the co-owner of Room 66 recording & rehersal studios. After our lease was terminated I decided to establish my own small studio on the ground floor of the quaint house I live in on the outskirts of Vienna's 23rd district.

During the past years it has becoome clear to me that my love and passion are for voices. Not least owed to my coopereration with the genius vocal coach Natalie Jean-Marain. Together with her I specialize in vocal producing and vocal recordings.

Playing the bass myself I also love recording bass. But guitars and other instruments are also very welcome of course.

My heart is in working with women! You can find out more about why here.

I also work at several live venues as sound engineer and record on location.


Your individual expression


You voice and your music are as unique as you are. No one experiences the world just as you do. No one can express your emotions and thoughts for you. And that is so valuable.

In the studio our common goal is to fully unfold and capture your individuality. These are precious moments we experience together. Each studio session is as unique as the artists I work with. I am touched every time I am allowed to witness this unfolding, and even more when I am able to support it.

We live in a world where we have to compare us with others from earliest age on. We are judged by outside criteria, graded and rated.So common is this that we internalize these outward criteria. We breed an inner critic. I strive to leave judgement and critics out the door. To suit studiosessions to the artists' needs. I want to open the room for experiments and trials, same as for precision and discipline. Whatever YOU need. Mistakes have to be allowed.

In the magic of the moment you are free to search and find your expression art emerges. The kind of art that touches, moves and energizes us.

There isn't anything you can do wrong in the studio

Recording music isn't a prize performance.
Mistakes always happen.

So, relax.
If you are afraid of making mistakes you'll probably try to control the outcome.
Creativity blossoms best in openness though. Feel free to let you art emerge as it wants to in the moment.

The studio is the place for magic, surprises, discoveries.

My Logo

I have been asked about my logo a lot.
I designed and drew it myself..
The seahorse is a symbol for listening to your heart and following your own light. As seahorses live in the deep sea, there's no other light to follow than their own. I have always liked seahorses. They radiate serenety and joy. I don't know why the seahoorse wanted to be blue, but there it is.

The yellow symbol behind the seahorse is my take on the Ananse Ntontan aka the spider's web. I made it yellow-red to make it shine like the sun. It originates from Africa and stands for wisdom, creativity und the complexity of life. Wisdom relates to experience, knowledge, and good judgment in decision-making and taking action. Creativity includes using imagination and original ideas in artistic work or creating something new and different.

Ananse, the spider, is a well-known character in West African folklore. Stories describe the spider as the Messenger of the Supreme Being, weaving a communication web of “tumi” (energy) that permeates all Creation – spirit world and physical world.
Ananse also bears the title of “Chief Prankster”.

Bobal Sound Studio
Heidi Bobal, Vösendorferstrasse 41, 1230 Wien    0664 4363742